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Maiko Momotaro in a Dove Pattern Kimono 1922 The Dove has a long history in Japanese myths and legends and is considered the embodiment of the guardian god of battles, who protects the people of Japan from war.

Japanese wrestlers. A brief history of the Detroit Museum of Art and its collections illustrated Published 1902 by [The Museum] in Detroit .

History of Japan Infographic. Click on to Enlarge

World History -- This picture from Unit Study of Japan - with videos! (There are also other units for other cultures) Amazing wiki.

Japanese Candy shop in Ritsurin koen, Takamatsu city, Shikoku, Japan

These Sake barrels appear to be made from a hardened straw like material. Something similar in form might lend contrast to the tall, repetitive rectangular prisms in my set design.

The shamisen is a three-stringed Japanese musical instrument. It can be played solo or with other shamisen, in ensembles with other Japanese instruments, with singing such as nagauta, or as an accompaniment to drama, notably kabuki and bunraku. Both men and women traditionally played the shamisen.

(3)62:- I am grateful to know that Japan has declared today Hinamatsura or Girl Day.

Japanese hot spring - Occupy an Old Barn

Japanese mosquito coil - katorisenko - such a part of summer in Japan

Japanese straw bale of rice