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  • Laura Daly

    My absolute favorite quote ever. Shoot for the moon = stars.

  • Megan Stowe

    inspired living - Shoot for the moon... - Unknown

  • Lily Jimenez

    I love this promise. When I feel afraid of showing up for life it reassures me too dream big and give it my best knowing even if I fall short - or even fail completely - I will learn so much from the journey. Want to have the courage to lean into life? Visit

  • Lynette Kelbley

    Space does not work that way. If you miss the moon, you don't float gently back on a star. First, stars are way, way farther than the moon. Second, if you miss, you'll either fall back to earth and burn up in the atmosphere or float forever in space oblivion. So, yeah. How about we just say "aim high" instead?<--- repinning for the comment

  • V Cast

    Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. | quotes | wisdom | advice | life lessons

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My dad would love this! But the $70 price tag is too high for me, so I guess it's going on the "to do" list :)

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