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one of my favorite polymer dolls made by one of my favorite artists. they just all seem so life-like, i actually thought some of the first ones i saw were pictures of people.

I feel trapped like the birds in the cage .. I feel like somebody is trying to own me .. Or just .. OWNS me ..

Devenez pas cette marionette contrôlée par qui que ce sois. Soyer diferentes et continuer sur le propre flot de votre vie. - Become not this puppet who is controlled by anyone. Be different and follow the flow of your own life.

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Digital Illustrations by Samantha Mash

love the silhouette of this, so powerful *No artist credit, leads to dead link.

These 29 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World | The Mind Unleashed

Jean Baptiste Monge (Nantes 1971). Is a French fantasy author and illustrator. He has done illustrations for several lovely faerie books, such as 'A la Recherche de Féerie"(In Search of Faerie) volume I and II. His attention to detail is outstanding, and the animals are as beautifully rendered as his fairies and gnomes.

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