Great Livebinder that pulls together the work done in numerous states. Great resource.

You don't need a class set of tablets to integrate tech into your teaching. Check out this list of free apps to change up your routine next year.

Love it! Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

The Lesson Cloud: "Common Core Booster: Text-Based Answers" (Free Sample included from MsJordanReads)

Educators, become a Common Core Standards Ninja by learning how to create educational resources for educators that comply with the new standards for each state. Complete with a discussion of the Standards, ideas for best practice strategies, and annotated lesson and unit plans, this free book is an engaging introduction to the Common Core Standards. Have fun!

Flying into First Grade: Common Core Math Mini Books FREEBIE!!!

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Grade Four Common Core Lesson Pack

never lose work in their desks again I love this!

An Educators Life: I want to try this. Every time the class is on task have them pull a letter title and place it anywhere they choose! When a word is completely spelled they receive that prize

Unlimited access to Lessons & Passages for Common Core. A Teacher's Dream - OMG - so excited to share this AMAZING & Free Resource for Common Core Reading Lessons K - 6.

Sentence frames/starters to provide evidence and explanations. (Common Core)

Common Core State Standards TOOLBOX

Integrating technology aligned to the Common Core - MANY resources!

Common Core for Parents... great for Curriculum Night or Conference Night

Second Grade Common Core ...

Common Core Resources

Books and Core Standards connections.

Love this idea: I know that many of you may already know about this teaching idea, for those of you who don’t here are my cheap white boards. Being a first year teacher I do not have the money or resources for my students to each have their own mini white boards. These homemade white boards are stored in binders and are created with a sheet protector and plain sheet of paper.These work just as good as white boards and can be easily replaced!


Websites and Resources devoted to the Common Core.