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  • Tami Lalor

    Pinner says: "These dogs are not "silver labs," they are Weimararners, known for their silvery coats. "Silver" labs don't exist; they only come in blond, black and chocolate depending on genetics. Sorry, that's been ticking me off. EDIT: The "silver Labrador" is a mix between a Lab and a Weimaraner. This picture looks more like a Weimaraner, though. I don't care - he's cute!"

  • Taylor Sumrok

    silver lab puppy, this baby just stole my heart

  • Lília G

    dog puppy animals pet

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Silver lab... hopefully our next dog

He. Is. Perfect. ...weimerainer's coloring with a lab's more pudgy frame ♥ This is my dream dog. Silver lab puppy

Silver lab. Often thought to be a mix of lab and Weimaraner, but true pups do exist and will darken as they get older. A true litter of silver labs often look striped like tabby cats when first born, but the stripes will disappear quickly. How cute, never met a lab I didnt like. :)

Silver Labrador...alright, we got a yellow and a chocolate, I guess we need one of these! :-)

Silver Labrador. I think Elly Belle needs this puppy as a brother or sister!!!

Silver Crest Labrador. The color comes from a recessive gene the takes two hits to overcome the traditional black or brown color. I never knew that!

Silver Labrador Retriever - Undeniably cute.

Silver labradors - a mutation of chocolate adorable!