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i thought he did a great job then the last second made me laugh so hard i cried


This is SO ME!!! lol

OMG.....this happens to me a lot!!!!!

not going to lie, HILARIOUS!


LOL brilliant.

Picnic Pants. You're obviously picnicking alone. And you will continue to do so as long as you own these pants.

Hahaha!! He saw his chance and he took it. Trebek, FTW!

100% me

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Ordinary Conversations

These here tars are free...I think they're at the end of my road actually. The sign looks familiar...

This is so me!!

So true

Funny People Of Walmart Pic 20

I can't pick a favorite...brilliant!

Act like a grown man!

Doing Cat's Cradle

I should have bought this card for a few people I know...

Pimping Level Prom Funny Guy With Two Prom Dates Mixed Color Tux

Monday photo bombs! - MajorGeeks