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Bedtime Bookshelf

In a bedroom that is tight on space, eliminate the need for a side table by mounting the lamp and reading-material racks to the wall. Editor's Tip: Mount the racks to wall studs for stability. A corner shelf for water would work too. (Great for loft bed!

Люлька для новорожденного своими руками

для новорожденних

Люлька для новорожденного своими руками

Utilize the space around the head of your bed for storage. Configure shelves and cabinets to suit your storage needs. Here, a lower cabinet has a flat table surface that serves as a nightstand, and plenty of shelves keep books, bedtime necessities, and decorative objects.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Storage and color for Riki. "These quick and easy bedroom storage solutions will help you turn a cluttered, busy space into a calming refuge that's perfect for reading, relaxing, and sleeping. See how you can organize your bedroom with off-the-self produ

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Organize Now

Picnic Tote What it is: A garden tool tote turns into a picnic pack and easily transfers kitchen items to and from the picnic site. How to make it: Pile all of your picnic essentials into a repurposed, sturdy, canvas carryall, taking full adv

This is perfect for the boys room!! We need a better way to organize their books where they can find them and put them back easily. This may be just the ticket!!

Caelan likes the book shelves on the wall. Yet another variation of book wall storage for kids. Am loving these. Super cute how they painted rectangle on wall behind. - Now to decide which one for kids rooms!

Start a file box for each of your kids when they are born. Label files and use it for medical records, important documents, special papers, etc. You'll always know where everything is and they will appreciate the organized info when they are older and need to reference it.

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Destination Domestication: Baby Boxes - memory boxes you can give your child at graduation. I would even write a letter to child each birthday to express what your feeling and what they accomplished that year.

Colorful corner library. A great use of space, although you might need a step or ladder! Unique idea for a modern playroom or kid's room.

I love the idea of narrow shelves with 'safety' rails for storing and displaying kids' picture books. The effect is so inviting; kids would surely be drawn to it. -- Unexpected Storage for Small Spaces: Apartment Therapy.

Genius for beside the bed, and a simple diy :)

Bookshelf for next to the bed. A good idea, clears of the bed side table and you can keep the page your upto! But paint the sides to look like vintage covers of your favorite books

Playful Storage for Children - Milk Crates as Creative Floating Storage Shelves.

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