lol.. oh my i know some people like this.

too bad you can't

i know a few people to say this to


I know a few people like this lol

The glorious day (much later in life) when you discover you don’t HAVE to shave anything, because it’s your body. | 32 Feelings All Women Will Remember

some people need to be made aware of this...

Of course women don't work as hard as men. ~ They get it right the first time. ;-)

Finally an excuse I can use!

Thanks for unfriend me on facebook.


LOL... Funny how thats just "what happens" when certain people from your past simply cross your mind ...

oh snap

Haha I might have pinned this before but doing it again because it is so funny and I would love to say it to you both KG and TR.

haha...I know a lot of people that fit in this category! lol

NO shit!


now aint that the truth!

I think every girl thinks this at one point in their life. Thanks, Facebook!

Funny Friendship Ecard: I am just going to keep calling and texting you until you understand how normal I am.

bahaha hilarious