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Help index the 1940 census so it'll be searchable by name. Do a batch (one page) in a half hour (or less) and you're done...unless you want to pitch in and do some more -- I've done a bunch already. Genealogists now and forever will love you for it! https://www.familysearch.org/volunteer/indexing

Collection Of Historical Artifacts -- pinned for the beautiful tree pattern and the Asturian armour

The above is a Holocaust memorial but the technique of putting photos on top of (copies of) documentation could be adapted for genealogy.

An aging Irish man and his very elderly mother pose for an outdoor portrait in 1890. In his hands hands the gentleman holds a poem with the title "Lines on Scenery round St. Bridget's Well in the County Clare".

Poland Fights the Nazi Dragon, by Arthur Szyk, 1943. He contributed this dramatic poster to the cause of Polish war relief efforts in the U.S.

Mark Twain in the lab of Nikola Tesla, spring of 1894.

New York 1900

Wall St. NYC 1890's Gilded Age.

The Mayflower Compact.

John Quincy Adams (1843). The earliest confirmed photograph of an American President.

1899, Brooklyn Bridge; on the promenade

English colonies before 1763. Zoom in and examine. There's a lot of history in this map!! Love it.

Thomas Jefferson, Rembrandt Peale painting

The many faces of Depp! Yummy!

Raoul Bova ~ theBerry ~ Feb. 6, 2012

November 22, 1963

Did you know that not all records on Ancestry.com are indexed? Even when they are, sometimes it is useful to view an entire set of passenger lists or a whole neighborhood in the census. Join Crista Cowan as she shares with you how to use the "browse" features for any collection of images on Ancestry.com. You'll discover how to understand records in context and gain another tool for finding those obscure relatives that might help you break through your #genealogy brick wall.

The German Genealogist...my mother's side is from Austria and Bohemia...this is great!

'How To Identify Antique Photos' ~ If you have ever been the happy recipient of a box full of old family photographs, you may also have experienced the dismay of discovering some or all of them are not labeled with names. This article covers various techniques to determine the age and subject of these photos to help learn their identities.

Historical Maps help you track your ancestors to their homes; see the roads they traveled on.