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Mother & Son This pair may have had something to do with Newtown Castle near Ballyvaughan in Co. Clare, tour guides perhaps? The paper the son is holding is a printed poem with the heading Lines on the Scenery round St. Bridget's Well in the County Clare. Date: Circa 1890

Poland Fights the Nazi Dragon, by Arthur Szyk, 1943. He contributed this dramatic poster to the cause of Polish war relief efforts in the U.S.

Mark Twain in the lab of Nikola Tesla, spring of 1894.

Nutfield Genealogy: Surname Saturday ~ EMERSON of Ipswich, Massachusetts #genealogy #familyhistory

John Quincy Adams (1843). The earliest confirmed photograph of an American President.

  • Joelle Jordan

    True, sort of. William Henry Harrison, the sitting president at the time, had a daguerreotype taken in 1841.

Child Labor at the coal mine - turn of the century.

A Chinese woman and her maid, 1868. Photographed by Scottish photographer John Thomson (1837 - 1921), who lived in China for several years, capturing a number of wonderful images.

  • Kate N

    Notice how tiny the sitting woman's feet are. She will have had her feet bound as a child so as to get her to marry well later on.

Celtic Europe 1850 BC- AD 400 1850 BC: Celto-Ligurian culture 1600 BC: Bronze work 1200 BC: Urnfield Celts 600 BC: Iron work 390 BC: Celts sack Rome and enter history as "Gauls." 44 BC: A Roman army under Julius Caesar conquers Gaul.

Thomas Jefferson - a true Renaissance man, he wrote our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, was an early American diplomat to France, became our 3rd President, was a self-taught botanist, architect and scientist, and he sent the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore what lay to the west of the Mississippi river. A remarkable man.

Raul Bova | Tumblr