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Tags: "artist" "blonde hair" "blue eyes" "book" "braids" "dress" "hat" "jewelry" "long hair" "megane" "pantyhose" "purple eyes" "ribbon" "smile" "wings" Artist: "Fuzi Choko"

Halloween, Witch, Goblin, Black Cat, Jack-O-Lantern, Bat, Ghost, Spooky, Full Moon, Pumpkin, Trick or Treat, Autumn, Fall

Moonlight... the word always gets me singing the Sailor Moon theme song haha.

Moonlight Crow (by Anne Marie McCaffrey)

Chained, imprisoned, prisoner. The moonlight fairy has been cot in a castle where she is most likely to die, until a Shepherd boy happens to come to the castle and hear her cry. He frees her, and asks if she do anything in return. He said there wasn't when there was.

apocketfullofposies: s3r3ndipity: sweetvanillaavalanche: iamdamn: (via yourdeafeningsilence, gatekeeper)

"Red flares in the background from a cigarette sucked fiercely in a moonlit window." #JFKA

Conversation: Thank you. My pleasure.

Under the full moon in the Lowcountry. Photo by Tartelette, Helen Dujardin. on her flickr channel.

Moonlight. Photograph. Film. Nellie Vin (wow-this photograph 'shape-shifted' from viewing it at night to was a lake background! :-) ki

Then, my queen, in silence sad, / Trip we after the night’s shade. / We the globe can compass soon / Swifter than the wandering moon. / _ Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream , Oberon to Titania, Act IV, Scene 1 [Credit Moonlight by Nellie Vin on Flickr]