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  • Tori Servais

    first day activity! Another poster for the teacher to make about their students.

  • Courtney Donaldson

    First day of school ideas to see what the students want in a teacher.

  • Nicole Bogle

    Great idea for starting off the school year! Then could do a chart for what teachers want in their students.

  • Amy Hinz

    This is a great start of school activity... find (or have kids find) a bunch of adjectives and then select which ones describe their ideal teacher. Make it into a bulletin board. You could also select adjectives describing the kind of students you want! Might be good when creating a Social Contract...

  • Debbie Buntin

    What Kind of teacher do you want? Back to school activity

  • Kim McKillop

    Beginning of year anchor chart where all students in the classroom describe the teacher they dream of!

  • Elizabeth Christine

    1st day of school ideas

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My favorite back to school activity! Friend Wanted Advertisements!

PYP in Paradise! It could be a great ice breaker for the first week, maybe as a carousel activity

Late Work Meme

Use Mematic app to create memes for your class rules.

Cell phone

Memes for classroom rules. Hilarious!

Teach students rules and procedures using popular memes. Kids won't think learning rules in boring anymore! 75 memes that correspond with the rule or procedure!

21st Century Icebreakers: 10 Ways to Get to Know Your Students with Technology

Skittles get to know you game

I like this "getting to know you and your child" sheet.

First Day of School activity

1st day post-it activity

Checklist of procedures for the beginning of school. When you look at this list, it's no wonder it seems like it takes forever to get around to teaching content!

Book Tasting. This could be fun for the beginning of the year. Have the kids "taste" different books and fill in their reading notebook with what books they want to read that year.

Team Building reunion games, back to school, youth activities. I'll be happy I pinned this later.

Printables to post on your classroom door requesting items. Some slips have item listed, others are blank to add your own items.

Would be cool for the start of the year and to practice using higher-level adjectives.

Back to school activity

A perfect quote for the first day of school ...

FABULOUS first day of school ideas!

The Band-Aid lesson on differentiation

Grammatical Name Art - 1: Write name in bubble letters. 2: First letter write nouns that relate to you (common or proper nouns). 3: Second letter with verbs that relate to you (action or linking verbs). 4: Third letter with adjectives that describe you. Remaining letters: Students can choose to write more nouns, verbs, or adjectives


Peace makers and breakers. Kids could create these lists themselves in the first week.

Real & Fake reading