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My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Spectacular Underwater Whale Shark Fashion Shoot

In an effort to raise awareness about conservation and the environment, marine life photographer Shawn Heinrichs collaborated with fashion photographer Kristian Schmidt on this completely awe-inspiring underwater project. The images feature enchanting combinations where human models swim in sync with whale sharks

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Lovely bubbly! Beluga whales are the ocean's cleverest creatures, but they aren't above a spot of fun

Beluga Whales Blowing Bubbles in Japan The talent in bubbles unfurled the white Beluga whales living in Shimane Aquarium in Japan. The whales have learned to make bubble rings indicating their high intelligence. They live in Arctic and sub-Arctic and known as "sea canaries" and mimic a wide range of sounds.

Can you imagine how thrilling this photo shoot would be?! I would love to be this close to a sperm whale!!!

Kiss a Beluga Whale...Belugas have a large forehead, a sign of their high intelligence. Beluga whales are, in fact, the smartest animals on earth with an average I.Q. (intelligence quotient) of 155, a level that would be considered near genius in humans.