Groovewear Artist Box by LA TIGRE , ~ Starting from the logo, designed by Emil Kozak, development of Groovewear identity, website and packaging. For these special limited edition boxes, fine papers, special printing techniques and...custom numbers!.

Non–Format — Command X Season 4 — Title sequence –

Calendar by Krzysztof Iwanski

gold type

Eames Cover Numerals: Lovely.


Octave, a font using musical notes as a style. This become a gorgeous work of art when you see the letters form words close up.


Anders (Free Font) on Behance---

Font London - Antonio Rodrigues Jr - Free Download - leuk als nummerbordje naast de deur?

Noveu™ by Fontfabric, via Behance. #typography

Designscheiß — Jan König explores the meaning of design with a syncopated Estilo.

Hayward by Jorgen Grotdal, via Behance

Beautiful typo art. I love it! This one would definitely make an awesome shirt print.

Drop cap "A" by Thomas Amby Johansen, via Behance

Poiret 1940´s by Pancho López, via Behance