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funny kids I'm not sure of this amuses me or scares me.

Miley Cyrus Eat A Snickers Funny Robin Williams Commercial Remake

Sometimes you just wish you could tell patients how stupid they're being without risking your job.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Taquitos - these would be good cut up (after baking) for appetizers at a party


I like these!

our you have complete OCD... lol



The bin might even be more organized....

I'm sorry but this is really funny


Just a Dog Fighting a Lobster with a Spoon

This is one of those things that I laughed harder at than I should have.

19 People who are having a worse day than you. Sooo funny

Why you should let me touch your butt ;) Cracked me up!

When IT guys get bored…

~Funny Ramsay Quotes~

yes, this is me.

Bilingual Jase.

This is me just about everyday at work! Haha

Spoons Made Me Fat

mean but funny...