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I'm not sure I could pull the whole ensemble off,!

Lovely star work around her eyes, this Cyber Goth girl with purple dreads knows she's a cutie!

Goths in dreadlocks, anyone? I don't think I can pull it off but it sure looks awesome. :: #dreadstop

this is kinda how my hair looks right now... i need this stage to move on

♥ ooh green dreads! Cyber goth Poison Ivy? Hmmm I'm getting ideas.

I wish I could do this for just a day. maybe two... or every once in a while. I ♥ dreads when theyre pretty like this but I would never do it.

Not really cyberpunk or harajuku but I love her wine-coloured/crimson/red dreads with beads. Long and lovely!

Gorgeous braids! Photo by Miliken.

Some people can pull of dreads...some people can't. I certainly couldn't but they look so good and cool!