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    I know this feel.


    every time i look at it i see "night" and die laughing all over again.

    FUNNY DOGS AND CATS GİF.. MORE HERE artonsun.blogspot...

    AHAHAHAHA I love it when people talk in their sleep. And I do it too, so I don't feel too bad about laughing.

    ahahahaha that little girl at the end!!

    This is so funny and stupid. If u haver seen it go check it out on YouTube it's called Hunger Games a bad lip reading. Click on this too see it.<----ahahahahaha, I LOVE bad lip reading, too funny :)

    hahaha just today I was telling my friend about some Soviet thugs that if taking control. it was a very deep conversation, I don't expect anyone else to get it.

    I'm packing up things in my house right now ... i have 3 fat rolls of bubble wrap. My self control is slowly failing.

    So stop asking it to.

    This is not my cat… I laughed out loud!

    This Dog *Thought* He Was Approaching Another Dog, But Look Closer.. It’s HYSTERICAL! | PetFlow Blog - The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

    I laughed too much

    sebastien millon ninja baby bear - Google Search

    This is the best thing I've found all week.

    funny pictures of dogs. This my friends is exactly why dog owners need locking windows. oh my gosh that dog looks so traumatized!! lol

    Japanese split race... oh my gosh

    I don't usually pin things like this, but this killed me.

    Deadpool logic.

    Batman, Spiderman, and

    Deadpool Origin Story Time! // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures


    yeah, sounds about right.

    it's so cute, tho!! :)

    Toronto cop dances to the reggae groove this absolutely made my day.