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Traditional village house, Zaandam, The Netherlands. Photo: Jim Zuckerman

ENTRANCE TO MY SISTER LINDSEY'S CUPCAKE BAKERY! This is absolutely perfect, better then I ever imagined, congratulations beautiful sister, Im so proud of you! ♥

I can't pass up a Bakery anywhere-no matter what country its in. This may explain why my clothes and I are constantly fighting!

"Imagine if old store fronts were used to house plants like "storage units" for green thumbs. Generations of families could pass on these plants and then ultimately plant them once they outgrew the space. Bring back life to "dying" cities. Just a thought." -Heather Bradford :].

Boulangerie ~ France.. this will get your mouth watering.. mmmmm... delicious.. #carbookercom

Himschoot Bakery | Ghent - Tradition of the local bakery shop - long gone from city and town in most places but the window view exist in our memory, in this local shop it still exists. LOVE this it bring back so many fond memories of visiting our local Bakery as a child. This is where the Cookie Club started, wish I was a kid again....dh

Lupen Grainne - Paris bakery Photography Sucrees sweets shop bakery pastel pink sparkle lights pies cakes desserts baking french food kitchen art. Etsy.

I love how this cafe puts its product for view from the window, and its effective use of white making the inside stand out. Bageriet Swedish Café & Bakery @ Covent Garden, London

Play like a girl » Bonne adresse Sandwichs et cookies NY # Vesuvio Bakery.