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35 things i can't believe i didn't know!

Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging. Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging.

How to removed permanent marker from everything. I think it would be wise to pin this to Jacen's board ;)

How to remove permanent marker from everything! How to remove ‘permanent’ marker! Clothes –hand sanitizer Walls –toothpaste or hairspray* Carpet –white vinegar Wood –rubbing alcohol don’t scrub too hard with hairspray, you don’t want to remove the paint!

No more ink? - The Meta Picture

No more ink? - The Meta Picture

If you have an Ink Jet and not Laser printer: Ink Cartridge Low? Not true. this totally works, my printer stopped printing, saying there was no ink, I reset the cartridge and then printed 50 more documents and the ink still hasn't run out!

Holy brilliant and such a no-brainer! Best tip of the week! Don't peel the egg, cut it in half while still in the shell and then use a spoon to slide it out of the shell. Duh

Never Peel An Egg Again!

Skip Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs: instead of spending several minutes per egg trying to peel off the shell, simply cut through the shell with a sharp knife and then scoop out the egg with a spoon.

Life Hacks for Pet Owners - Did Your Dog Escape From Its Leash? Play Dead | Guff

Life Hacks for Pet Owners

Use Velcro strips to prevent rugs from moving, and 21 more tips - Hack your way through life.

(1) Life Hack Pictures : theBERRY

Well that’s one way to do it (17 photos)

12 Problems That Can Be Solved With Baby Powder This medicine cabinet staple is handier than you think. - Never waste time desperately tugging at tangled jewelry again. Loosen the knot with a little baby powder and use a pin to pull it apart.

yipee!!!! no more spending a thousand bucks each summer on my flip flops!!!!

How to Save Flip-Flops with Split Holes. Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes.

Over 24 Amazing Ways to use Toothpaste

Over 24 Amazing Ways to use Toothpaste

Maybe this would help me avoid putting so many nail holes in the wall when hanging pictures! When hanging a picture, put toothpaste on the frame where the nail needs to be, press it against the wall and voila! Put the nail there!

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 30 Pics

Why didn't I think of that? Not that I use much coffee creamer, but it is a good idea. A great way to re-use this coffee creamer bottle. Store sugar, dry beans, snacks, the fillers are endless. Great spout for pouring or easy twist off top.

Genius candy bag clip #reuse

Re-use plastic bottle tops to tightly seal food bags. Cut off wide-mouth plastic bottle top just at crest. save the cap. slip over bag opening. top toward the open end. Fold bag over bottle mouth. cap with re-used bottle top. easy to seal and pour!