• Marisa Lee

    That's what happens when you try and break in to 221B Baker Street.

  • Emileigh Chassell

    and that was when Sherlock Holmes through him out the window

  • Nathaniel Richmond

    God help the ruffian who dares mess with Sherlock's friends.

  • Olivia G.

    Sherlock: "Lestrade, we've had a break-in at Baker Street. Send your least irritating officers and an ambulance. Oh, no no, we're fine. No, It's the burglar. He's got himself rather badly injured. Oh, a few broken ribs, fractured skull, suspected punctured lung. He fell out of a window!" Lestrade: "How many times, exactly, did he 'fall' out the window?" Sherlock: "I lost count." / Sherlock - BBC

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