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  • Shelley Bluejay Pierce

    Pikuni Blackfoot group- Left to right-- Running Crane, Shuni White Grass, Tail Feather (Sitting on an Eagle Tail Feathers), Coming over the Hill, Young Bear Chief Four Horses, Little Dog, White Calf and Little Plume. This Piegan group was photographed by Choate in Carlisle, 1882.

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Two Guns White Calf, the Blackfeet Indian Chief whose face is on the Buffalo nickel.

Depiction of Indians on currency dates to the Indian medals the government would give to cooperative chiefs, which would show the face of the chief on one side. The first Indian cent appeared in 1859, breaking with the tradition of depicting Lady Liberty on the front. The five-cent piece was introduced in 1866, but the buffalo nickel, with an Indian's face on the reverse, was not minted until 1913. Shown here is Two Guns White Calf, a Blackfoot chief, who was chosen as a model for the coin.

White Calf from the All Tall People Blackfoot clan stands in front of a child's tipi wearing a fabric dress decorated with shells and trade beads.

White "Buffalo" Calf, Piegan Chief, died at Washington in 1903. He was almost 80 yrs old. He was chief of his tribe for about a generation. In 1855, known as "Feather", he signed a treaty negotiated by Gov. Stevens. As a warrior, White Calf was famous among the tribes. With the passing of inter tribal warfare he peacefully worked for the good of his people.

They told them if they gave up their firearms the government would take care of them. You think it worked then? Sure as he'll won't work now!

Noted Indian Chiefs, Carlisle Indian School by DickinsonLibrary, via Flickr

Native American !!!! Me and my husband both have this in our blood.!

Chickahominy Fall Festival/Pow Wow by Tobyotter, via Flickr

Northern Aboriginal Festival11 by Tracey Sanders photographic Arts 2009 via photosharing.

Helena Powwow by SheltieBoy → For more, please visit me at: