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  • e r i n

    Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle - wouldn't grow it in a plastic bottle but something that size maybe

  • Alexandra Kweselait

    Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle. Great idea for kids. They could watch the roots & tops grow at the same time.

  • Chrissy Jackson

    LOVE this!!! Another great recycling idea for used 2 liter bottles! Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle.

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Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle. I think my kids would love this! They could watch the roots & tops grow at the same time.

Use 2 Liter bottles for planters! Good way to recycle! Just drill holes in the bottom to drain

tips for growing carrots....I wish I had found this BEFORE I planted this year...

Tips for Growing Great Carrots. Lots of good info on the distinct needs soil/nutrients.

Grow carrots in a 2 liter bottle! What a cool way to let the kids learn about the way carrots grow.

Grow carrots in a two liter bottle

An old gardening trick is to lay sheets of burlap over the row or bed. The burlap acts like a fine mulch: the fibers hold moisture, speed germination, and protect the soil surface. The seedlings sprout through the mesh. Eventually, the burlap deteriorates, and can be incorporated into the soil at the end of the season as organic matter for the next crop.

~Tips for growing carrots including how to plant, how much to water them and more - this is handy for us as we're getting ready to plant carrots~

Tips for Growing Great Carrots Use a template, 3-4 seeds in each opening, cover w/sand or vermiculate, or very light soil. Put a piece of burlap over the seed area to hold moisture in soil

Let’s grow carrot tops! One of the easiest plants for a young gardener to grow, carrot tops make pretty houseplants for a sunny window and their fernlike foliage is beautiful in an outdoor container garden. Eventually, white lacey flowers will bloom. Growing carrots from carrot tops takes no special equipment and results will be seen in a matter of days – always a bonus when working with kids!