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Loki was one of the easier kids to watch during the annual Gathering of the Cousins. He just ran around in his pajamas climbing trees and collecting feathers and rocks. Never said much and was always good for darting into the kitchen to steal an extra piece of pie. (everydayadventure...)

With 299 apologies down, Quinoa requested the last one be produced in the theme of John Knowle's classic novel, A Separate Peace, accompanied by a five page, single spaced essay from Chevron comparing and contrasting her own experience with those of the characters in the novel. #MIWDTD

I just love little girls with glasses!! This does link to 50 Pictures Of Children Who Are Cooler Than You

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Beautiful newborn shot. If you look closely, seems to be a hospital room. See, doesn't matter where you are, you just need light!

Getting a mohawk used to be a way to piss off my parents. So what does it mean when parents now give their kids mohawks? Stupid trend. Make a fashion statement with your own damn hair.

OMG - where I want to spend the rest of my life. The photo galleries of this school are unbelievable!!! Wildflowers Kindergartens