Brain Break and Classroom Cheer Cards

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks | Minds in Bloom

classroom cheers and brain breaks

Brain Breaks!

Brain Breaks and free printable.

Brain Breaks are a way to respect the whole child in some students, especially those who need some breaks in the day in order to stay on task and focused the rest of the time. This also creates a classroom environment of creativity and collaboration because the kids can work together and think outside the box for some of the activities on the popsicle sticks.

Brain breaks for the classroom!

Brain Breaks can be just what you need to help wake up the brain and body! 15 free ideas.

Brain Break...This is SO fun!!!!

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No more, "I don't know" responses!

67 Kid-Friendly Brain Break Songs and Musicians for the Classroom | Teacher Ideas | The Teacher's Lounge Blog

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Cheers for encouragement

Awesome brain breaks and Minute to Win it activities/explanations

THRIFTY Classroom rewards

Go Noodle is one of the BEST things to ever enter our classroom management bag of tricks! Perfect way to get them excited or calmed down and FOCUSED for learning. Brain Breaks are a must in today's classroom. Go Noodle is exactly what we need all in one place...AND it's FREE!!! :)

Help your students re-focus and more by using active brain breaks in the classroom!

Crafty classroom ideas!

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yoga in the classroom...maybe good when I see the kids need a brain break or are overly energetic @leslievalsamakis