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Imagine Our Life :: Sock Matching Quiet Book Page

Podge Quiet

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Felt Food Patterns - Lots of them! The 3D foods would be fun for our play & learns...lots of good opportunities to exercise those narrative skills!

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Sock matching pattern...Sooo detailed...this is a definite addition to our quiet books

Viva Veltorofrom Viva Veltoro

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The best quiet book pages - perfect for when you need your child to be quietly entertained at church or anywhere really!

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Quiet book: Gumball color match, tic-tac-toe

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The Quiet Book Blog: Marci's Quiet Book

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Quiet Book Page with template. This site has the skinny on how to make this awesome page of tools. Loving it.

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Busy Book and/or Folder: Matching Colors Crayons

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This is one of several pages in the "Quiet book" pattern, which also happens to be quite educational!

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Printable template for a Mr. Potato Head quiet book

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The Quiet Book Blog: Sabrina's Quiet Book

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Way cute Sock Matching Quiet Book Pattern- plus a bunch of other cute quiet book pages on this blog!

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The Quiet Book Blog: Jill's Quiet Book

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"keep kids busy ~ great ideas for quiet time book" I promise you, quiet time will only last as long as it takes to pinch a finger in one of these plastic buckles. just sayin'

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Awesome quiet book pages from the Bible and the Book of Mormon