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By Emmanuel Bobbie ... lighting from side and on the background ... composition wide at top, narrow at bottom ... WOW!

Book Lovers

Portrait Photography , Artist Study Elena Alferova, Human Tribe Resources for Art Students, CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at Art School Portfolio Work,Painting, Figure, Faces, Composition,Narrative, Story, Art Teacher,Woman,Hood,Cape (Kat)

Cute idea-I am so doing this! Bryn spends at least 30 min a day reading books! Creatividad. B/N. Expresión. Asimetría.

Cute pose for my daughter's senior pics, ok so she's only 9 but doesn't hurt to plan for the future right?? She LOVES to read! & I love that she does!

Photo by Petrova Julian. I love how it looks like a painting, the colours are gorgeous, and the reflection. #photography #photo #portrait #beautifulwoman #colourfuldress #reflection #dress #petrovajulian #500px