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    Se llama Omar Borkan Al Gala y ha sido expulsado de Arabia Saudí por ser «demasiado guapo». La noticia ha dado la vuelta del mundo: tres hombres de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos que participaban en un festival cultural en Riad fueron detenidos por la policía religiosa y expulsados de Arabia Saudí por el simple hecho de ser «irresistibles para las mujeres».

  • Jennifer Gerber

    Maybe This Man Is Too Sexy for Saudi Arabia

  • *** Kirstin ***

    by Borkan Al Gala [camera]



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    Dubai actor Omar Borkan Al Gala ejected from Saudi Arabia for ...

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Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good sense of humor at your side, kid.

I think someone is already looking at her.....

Marlon Teixeira -

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are doing whatever they can to protect a sacred mountain in Hawaii. See which other celebs are throwing their support behind Mauna Kea.

Jason Momoa- you've made me so sad, but I still like looking at you.

thirat-atthiraride: Jason Momoa: Hawaii 2014 - OMG! Wish he character was still alive on Game of Thrones!

Jason Momoa Is Leading A Revolt Against Hawaii's Thirty Meter Telescope

Purple Teal & Grey... really like these colors... maybe for a fall wedding against the natural outdoor fall colors...

james dean and marlon brando

Marlon Brando, aged 16 at Shattuck Military Academy (1940)

Best mens short hairstyles 2013

Roy & Trigger

~The Honorable T-Rex~

3/17/14 1:24p Marlon Brando (1924 – 2004) in ''A Streetcar Named Desire" Tennessee Williams 1951

1/12/2014 5:19am Young Sean Connery

SundanceTV Festival HQ Photo Shoot – SundanceTV

Jason Momoa shirtless

jason moama, kilt, legs, sexy, man candy, eye candy, romance, dating , flirting, entertainment, images, pictures,

Thus, why he is so awesome

Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager is a retired major general in the United States Air Force and noted test pilot. He was the first pilot to travel faster than sound (1947). Originally retiring in 1975 as a brigadier general, Yeager was promoted to major general on the Air Force's retired list in 2005 for his military achievements.

Chuck Yeager -

On 14 October 1947, test pilot Chuck Yeager became the first man to fly faster than sound in his Bell X-1. He hales from Myra, WV

New stills from The Longest Ride 2015

Scott Eastwood