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Let's respect one another

Voices of spiritual reason: 15 great non-religious quotations « Sharp Iron

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Hate is far more of a choice than homosexuality will ever be. And so what if it is a choice it ain't my business.

Estatística religiosa

Learn the historical origins of the world's most prominent religions. A complete guide with useful resources on religion presented in timeline format.

Tolerance, pass it on.  We can all live in peace in this beautiful world we share....

Coexist (multi colored) Sticker - 2.5" x 8.5"

COEXIST ~ love this slogan/symbol ~ why can't we ALL just get along?

become more spiritual and educated on world religions

How The Controllers Use Religion, Money, Politics And Education To Enslave Our Souls

rainbow+coexist | Found on zazzle.com

I know this logo is overused but I think it's good to remind people to practice tolerance and respect.

crescent = Islam;  peace =   ;e=mc2 = science;  star of david = judaism;  karma wheel = buddhism;  yin-yang = taoism;  cross = christianity

Syncretism, AKA the fusion of creeds, is the Hellenistic characteristic where religion drew on the beliefs of many old nations.

Who's Rupunzel? I mean, I know she's talking a bout us, but who is she?-Piper

Rick (Flynn) is explaining to your best friend (Rapunzel btw is not in the fandom; she's a fan) what happened to you and what happened in the book that made you so depressed.


Christian cross, a peace sign, a Native American Indian pipe, the male and female symbols, Kokopelli; Star of David; Islamic Star and Crescent;

Coexist (verb) - To live in the beauty of our differences.

Promoting Harmony Over Discord


Morning Prayer 11.6.16, Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost