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  • e m i l y

    Pretty waterfal braid

  • Kate Hendel

    Flawless waterfall braid. Hairstyles like this make me long for long hair again.

  • Chocoholic Alien

    Beautiful multi colored hair chalk, i wanna try it sometime!!!

  • Breana Waters

    Waterfall Braid #hairstyle #Hair Style #girl hairstyle

  • Lyne Hachey

    #hair #colorful #longhair

  • Bethany North

    Pretty hair chalking. And waterfall braid

  • Danielle Hadley

    Waterfall Braid - Here’s another gorgeous braid that makes a fabulous hairstyle for long hair! Again, it may be a little confusing at the start but once you’ve mastered the art, it will take you all of five minutes (if that). Basically it’s just a loose French braid that wraps around the back of your head. Take a small part of hair at the top of one side of your head and start braiding the hair three times like a French braid. Once you are done with the left hair section, drop the right strands

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Oh my long braid. A dream for my hair to be this long.

messy braids with hats! see how to do this braid within a braid in this post.

I love the idea of doing this to my hair, but I have two problems: 1, what the heck do you do in step 5? Seriously, what? and 2, I really don't understand how to work bobby pins. This is why I'm afraid that I'll show up to my friend's wedding with my hair in a ponytail because I don't know what else I can do with it.

Beautiful Long Braided Hair