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from The Huffington Post

WATCH: Laurie Anderson May Be The Best Graduation Speaker Ever

Laurie Anderson's Hilarious Pillow Speaker Song At SVA Commencement Address (VIDEO) - Not the dignity or student focus that we usually find in this ceremony. Your opinion?

5 Tips to Help Students Build Good Study Habits - particularly like "estimate how long assignment will take" - good habit to form early In planner, count back from time you will need to begin it and mark it down.

from Edutopia

Teaching Students to Dig Deeper

Neat outline with images in the brain! This made me think of a possible image for coaching or process/client pages (to illustrate internal discovery)...something like puzzle pieces or a firework going off within the profile of someone's head.

from wikiHow

Do Your Homework on Time if You're a Procrastinator

Seven Study Habits Every Student Should Adopt. Every student should place emphasis on perfecting their study skills... Getting a #tutor to help build and reinforce these habits can really help as well.