Preschool Botany Ideas! Plants Unit Activity! sooo cute.

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Parts of a Plant Project! Fun hands on activity for kids to learn the function and parts of a plant!

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What are some parts of a plant? CC Cycle 1 handprint parts of a plant

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To go along with plant unit?

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Growing Beans on Cotton Balls - The Imagination Tree

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Plant Growth Board - A cool idea for spring science bulletin board in April. 25 Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Kids,,

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I would use this as an anchor chart in my classroom and keep it up throughout our plant unit. It would be primarily used to explain the plant life cycle and all living things have a cycle of development.

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Plant Life Cycle: I like this one because it shows so many stages

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Experiment with colored water to see how water moves through a plant.

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Montessori activity trays at AlenaSani homeschool and early education supply store.

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Free interactive notebook pages for a plant unit

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Make a CLOUD! Fun science for kids. (Weather unit)

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Use old cd cases to grow beans. Then can use a sharpie or dry erase marker to label parts of the plant.

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Parts of a Flower (C1, W11)

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Plant Growth: great video to show the kids plant life cycle

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THIS IS GREAT! Make the paper game for activities for ecosystems, food chains, life cycles, biology, earth science and more!

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needs of a plant

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Use the story of The Lorax to inspire your students to plant a seed. After you read the story, decorate pots to look like the Lorax and plant flowers or other plants in them and use a science lesson to explain how the seed grows. At the end of the unit, your students have a fun craft to take home. ~Amanda Gray

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Plant Parts We Eat Sorting Game

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Kindergarten Kel: Kindergarten Bear Unit! Free- how many are left in the cave? Do with "Bear Snores On"

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