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The Real Reason Lori Had to Die --- OMG, This is hilarious!!! I never realized Rick was in Love Actually! HA! :)

So, that's Mrs. Needermeyer?! Maybe Aaron and Daryl will find you a pasta maker!

The Walking Dead is Foreshadowing Bill Cosby's Cameo

I loove this episode. Carl stops being a little prick and just does what any 12 year old dreams of doing. Sitting a roof...eating pudding.

Broken Heart. twd. Bethyl. Daryl Dixon. Beth Greene. The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead. See? We are already becoming zombies.

The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes dad jokes---- shoot this is def one of the funnier ones ive seen

So badass, they created a character specifically for him...

The Walkind Dead Inspired Collage Illustration by TheGeekerie

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