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Curly Hair Problem When people want to roll down the car windows.

story of my life. yes, its "long & pretty" straight, but its also long & pretty curly.


Curly Hair Problem People don't understand that "I like your hair better straight" is more of an insult than a compliment. - HAHA YES!

It ALWAYS is going to rain when I want to bust out my flatiron lol


FOR REAL! If it's not gonna rain or if it's too hot and I wanna go out! I DONT straighten my hair! But if it's nice and cool outside, straight hair indeed!

HAHA! You dont even know...


Curly Hair Problems

Or give it a bob cut and having to deal with triangle hair for middle school. Thanks, Mom! So True

Ha!!!  SO afraid of bugs/spiders!!!  If a snake gets ON ME, I'd SEE it!  If a spider got in my hair, I'd freak out!!!  : { (Walking into a spiderweb is one of the scariest feelings!!!) : {


Curly Hair Problem I get stuff in my hair ALL the time! This stuff is flamable!