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Shark! Seriously love!!!!! I'm so jealous I was not there!!!!! Argh!!!!

Fun shark facts did you notice the bottom where it says left handed people using right handed equipment Is more likely to cause death than a shark attack....

Isla del Coco - Whitetip Sharks by Bigeye Bubblefish [  Addict  ], via Flickr

Anyone else notice how sharks always have the same expression in photos?

Yes this is on my bucket list.. Not to catch it but to shoot it the F---head with my AR10 !!

ong-tailed or common thresher shark, Alopias vulpinus fox-shark/ long-tailed shark/ common thresher shark

I love everything about this image - the arch of the shark, the soft grey on grey tones and the movement in the water.

Sharks in the Maldives cc/@Sha Hwang

Great White :: Our travels support shark & wildlife conservation :: for more about traveling with us go to

♀ Underwater photography animals kingdom shark in a ball

Big Tiger / always looks annoyed !! And has a temperament to match that look !!! ( They unfortunately have eaten the most human flesh of any shark species / as during WW2 they picked off many unfortunate sailors who's boats got torpedoed and they had nightmare of watching their sailor pals get devoured one by one over many days waiting for rescue mission to pick up the crew !!