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The Salt Lake Tribune
The Salt Lake Tribune • 2 years ago

"The Unsinkable" Molly Brown steps off the Carpathia after being rescued from the Titanic.

  • Laurie Stevens
    Laurie Stevens • 36 weeks ago

    Have seen this photo before but have finally realized this is Kathy Bates' doppelganger.

  • Kim McDaniel
    Kim McDaniel • 36 weeks ago

    And Kathy Bates played Molly Brown in the James Cameron movie!

  • Diana Clance
    Diana Clance • 35 weeks ago

    Every time I see this photo, I think the same thing, Laurie. Good casting choice! :-)

  • Leslie Van Duzee
    Leslie Van Duzee • 35 weeks ago

    She looks a little like Kathy Bates!:)

  • Laurie Stevens
    Laurie Stevens • 35 weeks ago

    Kim McDaniel--you are so right! Just realized that! (I wonder if she did! hahaha)

  • Merry Ailstock
    Merry Ailstock • 32 weeks ago

    So that's what she looks like

  • Bridget Butler
    Bridget Butler • 29 weeks ago

    The funny thing is that Reba MacInyter was originally slated to play her, I had read.

  • Cheri Gauthier
    Cheri Gauthier • 28 weeks ago

    She looks affected by the sinking.

  • Rachel Eastwood
    Rachel Eastwood • 26 weeks ago

    This photo is of her on the day she presented the Loving Cup to Captain Rostron of the Carpathia.

  • Julie Molina-Ripley
    Julie Molina-Ripley • 22 weeks ago

    she looks like a cross between Kathy Bates and John Trovolta.

  • Julie Molina-Ripley
    Julie Molina-Ripley • 22 weeks ago

    ok, now that I look at it again, it looks like she can be John Trovolta in a dress. look at her face!!!!

  • Rachel Eastwood
    Rachel Eastwood • 22 weeks ago

    Mrs. Brown never talked about the tragedy. It affected her greatly, and it she really never discussed it. But she was fluent in several different languages and was one of the last people off the Carpathia because some of the survivors were in fact immigrating to the U.S. and didn't speak a lick of English. She made sure they had some place to go. And every year she and her sister went to the grave site in Halifax and placed wreaths on the lost souls on the anniversary. She was an amazing woman, and someone to be admired.

  • Julie Molina-Ripley
    Julie Molina-Ripley • 22 weeks ago

    Rachel, I didn't mean any disrespect to her. Thank you for sharing the information about her. sounds like she was a really good person.

  • Rachel Eastwood
    Rachel Eastwood • 22 weeks ago

    She really was an amazing lady! Truly ahead of her time. No worries, we all judge a book by its cover from time-to-time. We just gotta remember there are some remarkable stories within these pictures.

  • Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge, Tn and Branson, Mo Museum

    We will open a new gallery in Jan. 2014 dedicated to Molly Brown. Her great granddaughter Helen Benziger has loaned us a collection of artifacts that is truly unbelievable. http://www.titanicpigeonfor...

  • Kirsten Norwood
    Kirsten Norwood • 21 weeks ago

    And if ever you are in Denver, Colorado, you can visit the Molly Brown House which is now a lovely museum. This house was Mrs. Brown's home from 1894 until her death in 1932. While she travelled the world, Molly would often rent this home to wealthy families. It's been beautifully restored.

  • Karen Bell
    Karen Bell • 20 weeks ago

    Just went to Titanic Museum tonight! It was fascinating and I just loved it. So hating the fact that I'm going to miss the opening of Molly by a month!!! Love her!

  • Wilson
    Wilson • 18 weeks ago

    It looks like she is thinking, "Bitch, please!"

  • Unsinkable Brown
    Unsinkable Brown • 17 weeks ago

    Hi, I'm Margaret's Great Grranddaughter, Helen Benziger. I wsill be at the gallery on Valentines Day 2014 to attend the "oficial" opening of the gallery. Thank you for all the wonderful comments about Margaret. If you can make it please do! This will be in Pigeon Forge, TN Hope to see you there!

  • Unsinkable Brown
    Unsinkable Brown • 15 weeks ago

    Oh, Rachel...thanks for stepping up to defend her and Julie....n o harm done! Go to my page and see other photos of her. The one you see to the left is Margaret in her first gown at age 27. She wore this stunning black and white gown to introduce herself to Denver society at the opera. They took notice :-)

  • Dee Shultz
    Dee Shultz • 13 weeks ago

    Helen Benziger...thank you for the info. Wish I could be there! I've always admired "The unsinkable Molly Brown". :)

  • Unsinkable Brown
    Unsinkable Brown • 12 weeks ago

    Thank you , Dee!

  • Caleb B
    Caleb B • 12 weeks ago

    she looks so annoyed like "cannot believe that ship sank -_-"

  • Unsinkable Brown
    Unsinkable Brown • 12 weeks ago

    I'm sure you all realize that this photo besides being a picture of Margaret Brown shows a woman who had just been through an unimaginable experience. How could anyone go through something like that and not be in a totally different mind set. I pray that none of you have to go through something a quarter as traumatic.

  • Miranda Bradley
    Miranda Bradley • 7 weeks ago

    She sounds like an amazing strong woman. Thank you for sharing about her helping with the survivors. These stories never need to be forgotten.

  • Unsinkable Brown
    Unsinkable Brown • 7 weeks ago

    Miranda, that is my hope. It's not just about Margaret but all those that were on board Titanic. She was just one. The only true way to honor them is to continue to tell their stories. While none remain their stories will survive... but it is up to us to us to make sure they do. I believe everyone ha a story in their past to relay. I urge everyone to find it and share it.

  • Miranda Bradley
    Miranda Bradley • 7 weeks ago

    That's very true, I was able to go to the Titanic exhibit in Branson last year and I was overwhelmed. Ive always wanted to go because the story has always gripped my heart. I spent hours inside reading the stories. The section on your great grandmother was very interesting. There was so much about it all that I never knew though. Specially about the 3rd class accommodations that surprised me. I was glad I finally got to go see it. Im fascinated by history. I feel sometimes I was born in the wrong era lol. Thank you so much for commenting. It made my day and I told my children and family and it made them all smile:)

  • Unsinkable Brown
    Unsinkable Brown • 7 weeks ago

    I'm so glqd that you got to see the Molly Brown Gallery! Those things have been wirth me for as long as I can remember. I was so thrilled when I was able to share them with everyone! The museum is amazing...If you eever get to Pigeon Forge, that one is amazing as well. Thanks for the comment and tell your family I said "hey" ! :-)

  • Miranda Bradley
    Miranda Bradley • 7 weeks ago

    Oh I loved it! It was me and my husbands 17th wedding anniversary and I said by ned im goin to see it!! Lol, I will definitely try to check out the one in pigeon forge. Im glad you shared all of her belongings so everyone else could see them and enjoy them as well, even though I can imagine it wasn't an easy task to part from them. If your anything like me things from your ancer mean so much no matter what they are. Something as simple as an old pocket knife like what my grandpa left me just means the world to me. Anyways I could go on and on lol but thanks again for being so thoughtful and I told them you said Hi and they were tickled lol, now their wanting to watch the movie.. again lol

  • Miranda Bradley
    Miranda Bradley • 7 weeks ago


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