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Guiliano Hazan's Baked Tomatoes

Taste of Homefrom Taste of Home

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Tomato Quiche Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Heidi Anne Quinn of West Kingston, Rhode Island (I would definitely add some chopped, cooked bacon to this.)

Epicuriousfrom Epicurious

Penne with Tomatoes, Olives and Two Cheeses




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This is a very different Black Bean Soup. Made with pumpkin puree and coconut milk. I added sautéed onion, carrot, zucchini, and sausage to add some freshness. My son at this up, even the carrots and zucchini!

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in the kitchen with: kristina’s pomodori al riso

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Garlic and Cheese Crostini Recipe at

Epicuriousfrom Epicurious

Chicken with Herb-Roasted Tomatoes and Pan Sauce

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Roasted Chicken With Herb Sauce

This is honestly my favorite recipe that I have...It's SO good. I serve it over jasmine rice and it's perfect. <3

Spicy Southern Kitchenfrom Spicy Southern Kitchen

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Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta - quick and easy to make for a weeknight meal!

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Honey Roasted cherry tomatoes Honey-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Recipe at


Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

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10 Vegetable Recipes That Make Them Taste Heavenly 10 Vegetable Recipes That Make Them Taste Heavenly 30 Healthy And Tasty Recipes For Breakfast That You Can Make The Night Before 30 Healthy And Tasty Recipes For Breakfast That You Can Make The Night Before These 30 Vegetarian Recipes Are So Good, You Might Rethink Meat These 30 Vegetarian Recipes Are So Good, You Might Rethink Meat

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Tomato Salad With Shallot Viniagrette Dressing and Capers

Closet Cookingfrom Closet Cooking

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Italian Food ~ #food #Italian #italianfood #ricette #recipes ~ Italian Chicken in a Creamy Parmesan and Sundried Tomato Sauce

Epicuriousfrom Epicurious

Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce With Chickpeas and Feta

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Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Chickpeas and Feta Recipe |

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Spinach with Chickpeas and Fried Eggs Photo at

Fitness Magazinefrom Fitness Magazine

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Baked Parmesan Tomatoes Recipe | A sprinkle of Parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil transform tomatoes into the perfect side dish. Or try sandwiching them between slices of your favorite whole-wheat country bread.

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Spring Vegetable Risotto with Poached Eggs Recipe at

Taste and Tellfrom Taste and Tell

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Tomato and Basil Bake - An easy and seasonal side dish using cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, this Tomato and Basil Bake is the perfect late summer side dish.


Italian Stuffed-Beef Rolls in Tomato Sauce (Braciola alla Marinara)

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Braciola (Italian Beef Rolls in Tomato Sauce) Recipe -

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Grilled Meatball Sandwich Recipe |

Bon Appétitfrom Bon Appétit

Tomato-Basil Sauce with Polenta

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Tomato Basil Sauce

Tomato-Basil Sauce with Polenta Serve this chunky, all-purpose tomato sauce with fish, chicken, pasta, or disks of polenta Tomato-Basil Sauce with Polenta Read More

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Asparagus and tomatoes

Half Baked Harvestfrom Half Baked Harvest

Roasted Cherry Tomato Carbonara

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Garlic and herb roasted cherry tomato carbonara.