Wrist tiny heart tattoo

Tiny heart wrist tattoo Tiniest heart tattoo ever! This girl has a mini black heart inked on the side of her wrist, just below her hand. Tiny black heart t

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Get a sister tattoo (the heart connects an E and two J's (first letter in our names)) I am getting a best friend tattoo just gotta find the right one!

If I didn't have tattoos on both wrists already, I would definately love something like this!

birds on a wire bird tattoo (on side?) maybe only two birds one on the wire one flying away.


I love Disney, and Peter Pan is a favorite of mine. I love tattoos for behind the ear, so this is something I'd seriously consider. :) Anyway, I found this adorable and found it totally board-worthy.

Ring  birds tattoo wrist

more birds. and i like the font of the word "live" on her finger. maybe i could do "love" on my ring finger?

I refuse to sink tattoo. Cute phrase.

These tattoos drive me crazy! Why would you put refuse to sink with an anchor? An anchor is designed to sink. It makes no senses

Hilary Duff's Adorable Tiny Heart Tattoo #tattoos

Hilary Duff's Adorable Tiny Heart Tattoo > make it behind the neck, so it slightly peeks through your short hair