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Don't Tread on Me Democratic controlled City Council in New Rochelle wants to take away the right to fly this flag & are being taken to court. They said it belonged to the Tea Party. They better do some homework & learn American History. This flag has been around Forever & flown from U.S. ships since 2002.

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Women Hold Up Signs With Donald Trump's Most Sexist Quotes

Women Hold Up Signs With Donald Trump’s Most Sexist Quotes

The Boston tea party occurred on 1773. Colonists dressed as Native Americans and dumped 342 crates of tea into the harbor. This made England furious.

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Alex Jones: Obama/Soros Behind Dallas Massacre - Tea Party News

Obama and Soros have worked in tandem to inflame racial tensions (Infowars) – Jones breaks down how President Obama and billionaire George Soros have worked to inflame racial tensions, leading to the killings of five police officers in Dallas, Texas. SPECIAL: Gosh we could really use your help to meet all these fast moving deadlines. ...

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President Trump fills world leaders with fear: 'It's gone from funny to really scary'

Geo Bush started two major wars costing trillions of our treasury, setting the Middle East on fire and collapsed the world economy with his bank deregulation idiocy. Do we really need another lesson in republican incompetence?

I always say, let this Trash keep talking, it's always good to know what a Psychopath is doing so you'll know what to do.

Jason Chaffetz has been caught giving out a Gmail address for official correspondence, which is also run through a private email server. One wonders if we’ll see an eighteen month investigation into their email as well. HYPOCRITES are running the Witch Hunt! #HillaryForAmerica

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Bill Maher: Coincidence That "99.999% White" "Racist" Tea Party Driven "Insane" By Black President

Nailed it!! Just the TRUTH!!! The Tea Party sides with the billionaires that are destroying the middle class. Classic example of Stockholm syndrome, becoming enamored with your oppressors.(Amen-pinner)

What Hillary did with the email servers is nothing new, & she wasn't the first to get away with it either. Republicrats.

The ability to sucker the victims to help or sympathize with his abuser, Stockholm syndrome. Or that fish with the fishing pole appendage near it's mouth, to catch smaller fish.

GOP does not remember the Worst US President in History ~ but Hates a Great Black President ~ GOP =Bigots and Frauds

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New Republican Congress Is a Dangerous Failure

Republicans are hurting this country.