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Game of Phones

Game of Phones :: iOS vs Android :: interesting stats

Is Mobile Driving the Increase in Social Media Throughout the World? (with Infographic)

Why mobile commerce is on the rise. Stats regarding global mobile trends, mobile consumer behavior, mobile web and m-commerce. Most interesting and unexpected result: use their mobile at home.

2011 State of Digital Marketing    What has the biggest impact on lead generation? A new survey finds SEO beats PPC and social media. But PPC still gets more budget for those targeting consumers over SEO, and lest anyone believe social media is a waste of time, more than half have closed leads from social media channels.

Infographic: Digital Marketer Views On SEO, PPC & Social Media

#RIM is "dead". "Who'd want a phone without a physical keyboard?" - RIM CEO. "We do." - millions and millions of users.

Retracing where it all went wrong for Research in Motion

Google  officially claims 170m users, but commentators say it's a ghost town. Who's right?

G+ Whether the network is thriving or not, this research from Umpf, a UK-based social media firm, shows that activity on G+ is low compared to other social networks.

If Social Media were High School kids...this would be their yearbook.

If social media sites were students in high schools, what award would they get in the yearbook? This hilarious infographic puts each site into a high school group - from class gossip to the class nerd.

29 cách để giữ sự sáng tạo.  Sưu tầm

29 Ways to Stay Creative The heart of what we do is creativity. Found this great infographic on how to stay creative. We are always looking for ways to keep our creative juices flowing and look.