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Balloons filled with paint like in the Princess Diaries. Throw darts and make art

Let's be honest, ever girl has wanted to do this since she first saw it on The Princess Diaries. Throw darts at paint filled balloons!

every guy should do this at least once

Yes, it is a wonderful and very romantic idea. "Men ~ take note. Very romantic idea. If you don't know if she has the dress you want her to wear, buy her one and make sure it's a stretchy fabric so that you have a better chance at getting her right size.

I need this cup in my life

1001 Gift Ideas for Boyfriend - Brilliant boyfriend gifts collected.hoping there is actually some good suggestions.

Ciencia divertida y artística para niños

Ciencia divertida y artística para niños

Milk Art A plate Milk Food Coloring Dish Soap Fill the plate with a thin layer of milk. Next, put in drops of food coloring. Then, add a few drops of dish soap into the center of the food coloring, sit back, and watch!

Summer Fun Paint War Party! I would love to do this with the famiy!!

Summer Fun Paint War Party

Throw paint-filled eggs at canvas -- Outside project for future art class i have to teach? definitely a possibility.

Throw paint-filled eggs at canvas I WANNA DO THIS! Or pin paint filled balloons onto a canvas and use darts to pop the balloons to make art! (I got the balloon idea from princes diaries)

Disney letter

Write a letter to a disney character and they will send you an autographed picture 20 Life Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know!

Have a water gun fight

Have a water gun fight. I have had MANY water gun fights, but I will do them again and again!

Shaving cream in water balloons. Genius! I think this is perfect for the last day of school :)

Shaving cream filled balloons- great for a messy balloon fight. or even better-- whipped cream! that would be so fun!

Un bocal lumineux sans lumière et sans bougie ?!

Bocal lumineux

Glow stick in a jar, brilliant! Break open a glow stick, dump it in a jar, shake it up and you have an instant glow stick lantern! Perfect for outdoor parties. Must remember this!

Hacer pelotas saltarinas a partir de bórax y almidón de maíz. | 24 Experimentos científicos que tus hijos adorarán

Hacer pelotas saltarinas a partir de bórax y almidón de maíz.

Use chemistry to make a bouncing polymer ball, then alter the procedure to see the effect the changes have on the characteristics of the bouncing ball.: Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball - Introduction and Materials

How to build a fort

Tips on building the ultimate indoor fort - the latest in a series of winter challenges to play indoors when it’s too cold to play outside.

Tried this last year but it didnt work. Will try again this year.

Funny pictures about Ice bubbles. Oh, and cool pics about Ice bubbles. Also, Ice bubbles.