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Never thought the day would come…

Haha so true cuz I haven't seen Ted but I've seen Channing tatum strip.errr, I mean Magic Mike, lol.

Michael Cera is a ninja

Funny pictures about Michael Cera is a ninja. Oh, and cool pics about Michael Cera is a ninja. Also, Michael Cera is a ninja.

The gifted jennifer Lawrence...

Jennifer Lawrence is so awesome, she can make Kristen Stewart smile. I never thought I'd live to see the day.IT'S A MIRACLE!


Well, Tom Cruise hasn't earned one . But Leo DiCaprio, Jim Carey, and Will Smith each deserve a freaking Oscar!

Kids Giving Out Some Good Marriage Advice…

How do you decide who to marry? Kids say the darndest things. And I maintain that trucks can look very pretty.

gun control truth.

Gun Control

Chris Rock on Gun Control. Ok, so bad language, but this made me laugh with all the gun control talk going on.

Leslie I died laughing at this and thinking of you but instead of cat it's dogs and instead of brunch it's ootd Bahahaha

Instagram and crazy people…

"That's my face. That's my face. That's my face. That's my face. That's my cat. That's my cat. That's my cat.

They Just Really Love Pasta

From now on, whenever I see people doing that stupid duck face, I will imagine them eating invisible spaghetti.

guys will be guys

My Parents Aren’t Home // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

A reeeeeally big fart picked up on thermal camera...it's disturbing, yet so funny

A reeeeeally big fart picked up on thermal camera.it's disturbing, yet so funny BUTT glad you checked it out on my board ie " GASSY ASS AMEGO !

Aint nobody got ....  I got a little time! ba hahahha

There’s always some time for that…

funny meme ain’t nobody got time for that for Adam Levine! Oh yes, I have time for that! Is there someone who doesn't have time for that?


BAREBACK RIDING "Only horse people understand what this is from" - So true! And only horse people understand the joy that comes from the reason for looking this way. :D Bareback rides are the best.

truth about girls...... instead of boyfriend it's either food, Gorillaz, EXO, SHINee, Sherlock, other fandoms, books, or bae (bish always eating)

So true . Except for the boyfriend thing since I kinda don't have one. Cute & Funny,love and other things,