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    New Life Motto | Keep Your Heels, Head & Standards High

  • Jessica Gullingsrud

    High Standards & High Heels

  • Ally

    Keep your heels, head, and standards high! You go girl. Rock it!

  • Michelle Davenport

    Words of Wisdom

  • Rachel Flamini

    one of my life quotes. ALL girls need to remember this!

  • jannette joten

    Keep your heels, head & standards high. #quote Remember, you are a lady and no one will forget. Lift your chin, walk into that room, and smile. You are every bit as good as anyone, when you know it so will the world. This should be a poster in every little girl's room!

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Good morning everyone, have a great weekend!

"I don't always go crazy, but when I do, it's batshit."

There's a name for it?! Who knew! This is me!

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Spot on.

Use these sympathy and condolence phrases for your sympathy notes and cards.


Tim Keller


Bachelorette party idea - i would LOVE to do this!...I still have a few more years, but I so want to do this in NYC


Best Text Ever?

AMEN. That's all it takes.

For my kitty loving friends....




I just dont have the energy to shit butterflies and piss rainbows today.