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im determined to find a hat i can pull off.. even with all my hair


Ha! @Bettine Kruijf


Curly hair problem

SO TRUE! - constantly asked if I got my hair cut.nope, it's just more curly/straight than it was yesterday

Don't touch my hair. Please and thanks. (:


Its super curly when I have wet hair and I try to tame it with my brush and then it looks like I didn't commit to straightening but its worse then that.

haha so true. I am often telling Aaron "Nooooo, my hair!" when I'm wearing it curly.


Or it becomes three sizes too small! #Ha #Shrinkage #Lol -----> Curly Hair Problems

Curly hair problems (part i

the first time in a LONG time I left my hair naturally curly and the stupid rain!