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Robert Pattinson - forgave his girlfriend over her stupid mistake. That takes a strong heart and great character

I have to agree...There is something about a guy smoking a cigarette that I happen to quite like.

Robert Pattinson....i know i know i hate on twilight, but it's not his fault twilight sucks....he's oddly good looking tho

pics of robert pattenson | Robert Pattinson - The Wondrous Pics

There is something very real about him...not made up or cookie cutter, yet beautiful! Even more so with a little scruff on his face...

Robert Pattinson.... Team Edward ♥ I could watch him glitter in the sun every damn day! lmao

OOoh! Good one of buttoning up the shirt! But can all guys look this hot doing it? That's key.

Robert Pattinson His eyes are so dreamy...they draw you in and grab a hold of your heart. Probably why he was chosen to play a vampire!

I think it is impossible to shoot a bad picture of Robert Pattinson, but all the same, it's his natural shots I love the most.