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The Creative Times – CURATOR’S EDITION #7 : Triangles in Graphic Design and photography

Flower watercolor

White jeans, summer fedora, shirt and Land Rover Defender. Perfect. Summer.

Inked Rose Tattoo Small tattoo inspiration Black and white tiny arm tattoo

Love the depth of tone on the rose and the black shading in the background. I'd have roman numerals or elegant font on my wrist instead. I'd want the same placement but on my other arm and maybe less roses.

3pcs Vintage Key Arrow Feather Tattoo InknArt by InknArt on Etsy, $6.99

74 of the Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever love the little music note

Merkaba. Metatron's cube - getting closer to understand the next dimension...

adorable, beauty, bárbara kamilo, cut

comfy, crochet, espadrille, shoes

comfy, crochet, espadrille, shoes

black, black dress, chic, clothes, dress

beauty, elephant, forest, girl, power

bulb ♥

sneaker pumps

sooo love!


heart glasses

fashionable cupcakes

up ♥


denim and floral

Hanna kim