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"Fence flowers made from paint can lids, bottle caps and mirrors."

fence flowers made from paint can lids, bottle caps and mirrors. (Love the paint can lid flower. I have had enough over the past few years for a garden on the fence.

From facebook; Junky, Funky, Rusty, and Re-purposed by Sue.  Great way to us old paint can lids and bottle caps.

Fence flowers made from paint lids, bottle caps and round mirrors

Always loved plate flowers for the garden but hate the thought of drilling? Here's how to make them using Silicone II Doors & Windows with glass bottle back

DIY Glass dish garden flowers with no drilling. I did these but instead of the glass bottle on the back I used a small piece that my hubby drilled a hole in. The little glass bottle broke when the wind blew!

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I'm not a crafty girl. But, this little project might just get me moving. Love, love, tea cups and birds! DIY Teacup Bird Feeder by jbrookart

** Make A Bottle Trees Out Of Recycled Wine Bottles  Garden Art @woohome

Truly Easy and Low-budget DIY Garden Art Flowers

Concrete leaves for the patio area. All instructions included. - Click all links on original source for even more instructions, leaf sources etc. Rhubarb...I never knew, then again I've never grown it.

Love me some elephant ear plants as stepping stones! Concrete leaves for the patio area. All instructions included.

mosaic hopscotch! Would love to have this in the  for the kids  old crockery

How to layout a mosaic hopscotch tile pattern. What a great idea.Kids were love it.the big kid in me does.

Flowers on the Outside of a Building Created With Plates and Garden Hosew

Plate Flowers Garden Art Looks Amazing

DIY Plate and Hose Flower Garden Art This bright and colorful flower display won't need to be watered. See below for the diy and lots of other great ideas to brighten up those big blank walls in the yard using dish art, garden hoses and other fun stuff.

Metal rake recycle up to a wreath - seasonal flowers, outdoor gate or garden wreath

Be part of the newest trend in outdoor living with garden wall art. Find ideas for wall art you can make or purchase to enhance your garden space.