Instead of champagne toast, coke in old fashioned bottles

Lavender to toss - What vivid scent memories this would bring back, every time you smell lavender for the rest of your life. LOVE THIS!

The First Kiss: While you may think this is a picture that the photographer always takes, you’ll be surprised how many couples end up with no first kiss picture. Be sure to have the photographer stand in the perfect angle, so he gets your good side! - Totally doing this!! Haha too cute

Write love letters to each other and place into a box along with a bottle of wine.nail it shut at the wedding. When you have your first fight, open it up, pour the wine, go to separate corners, read the love letter & remember what it’s all about.

After the rehearsal dinner -the last 'single girl' kiss-- It'd be neat to have a last picture as an unmarried couple

The future is in his hands and the ring does not lie what it holds inside

This is adorable... And I love me a good photo booth

I love both the bride and the grooms attire. Simple, yet elegant wedding dress, and the grey suit is different, laid back, but still very nice.

Guests write a note for the couple and put it in a bottle of their choosing. the couple opens the notes on their corresponding anniversary.

This classic A-line wedding dress is perfect for a traditional bride.

In loving memory of her father, the bride had his favorite blue silk scarf embroidered as a heart into her wedding dress. Nice idea if you have lost someone close that was special to you in your life before the wedding.

Praying before the wedding.

Guestbook idea - have guests sign a giant bottle of champagne or wine


Love the forehead kiss...perfect wedding photo. I also love the brides flower crown.

"The Notebook" themed engagement pictures. Too cute!!!

vintage wedding

soundtrack wedding favor, love this idea

Beautiful barn wedding aisle with burlap runner. I choose red or light pinkAFB

This would totally work in that dressing room @Elizabeth Rose