• Katie Bobo

    I don't know why, the egg roll sign makes me laugh so hard

  • PriceGirl5

    Funny Hockey Signs....I think the thought bubble may also work for the guy with the "eggroll" sign.

  • Boogie Booginacious

    What's better -- the "I Am The Biggest Idiot Ever" sign? I think it's the one to the right -- "You give me eggroll, me love you long time" :-)

  • Lea Helen Evans

    Funny Hockey Fans

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November 1959 After a slapshot cut his face, Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens had a cut stitched and returned to the ice wearing a mask. He became the first goalie to wear a mask regularly.

I Can't I Have Hockey - don't know how many times my kids have had to say this!

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Joe Namath in a Rams uniform, 1977

1976, Cubs centerfielder Rick Monday saves the American flag from being burned by 2 protestors at Dodger Stadium


Sidney Crosby or Cindy Crosby. You decide....

16 years ago, Patrick Roy became NHLs all-time leader in playoff games by a goalie when he appeared in his 133rd game. Roy broke the mark held by Billy Smith and eventually ended his career with 247 playoff games.

Carrera Time Trial Bike

Red Wing's forward Drew Miller - a little reminder that hockey is played with super-sharp blades on everyone's feet!

Baseball pitches

Wow! Thats one hell of a wind up!

Tony Romo beat you to it.....

This is my GF. I think shes a keeper.

Gump Worsley was one of the last NHL goalies not to wear a mask. Gump Worsley should be remembered as one of hockey’s greatest goalies. He won the Stanley Cup four times between 1965-1969 and won the Vezina Trophy twice in that span.

Hockey talk.

Jacques Plante - the first NHL goaltender to wear a facemask. Played for Montreal Canadiens in the 60's

The scars of NHL goalie Terry Sawchuk

Lorne “Gump” Worsley was a great NHL goalie but he was also one of the league’s most colorful characters and clever quipsters.

Thats some serious street air!

Whoa. Whats wrong with this picture? And no, its not photoshopped.

Frank Sinatra playing golf, 1952

forest skate bowls