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Butter churn ("butter machine," table model), invented in 1912.

Vintage Dazey Butter Churner, Red,XL. Vintage Kitchen, Farm, Industrial, Vintage by ChaseVintage on Etsy

Love this daisy churn. Was always trying to convince my grandmother to let me do it.

.why can't they make formica counter tops look like old folk art painted or quilt tops or stenciled???????

Vintage Butter this

Vintage Daisy Butter Mother-In-Law gave me hers that she used when first married...I would use it with the kids when they were little, then with the kids at church and the Mother's Day Out where I taught...the kids just loved it!

This is the way we made butter on the farm. Butter Churn. Excellent and simple design--they work perfectly.

Butter Churn.. In the 4th grade we made butter after a field trip to a bakery were they gave us a loaf of bread. Just as tiring as making homemade ice cream

Wood Dash Churns Most towns had a cooper that made this style of butter churn. The better quality butter churns would have the staves tongue and grooved to prevent leakage. The lids were often sunken below the upper ends of the staves to prevent cream running down the side of the churn. The bands could be flat steel or brass, round wire or even reeds. Ash and cedar were common woods used for these butter churns.