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    Or don't ever brush your hair! Use a wide tooth comb.

    Curly Hair Problems


    hate those

    omg so true!!!!!!

    very true!

    So true. Which explains the ten different products under my sink...

    I don't get this often (only from one girl who's hair I would die for (it's straight, lol)) but when I do I'm like 'no really, it's not as great as it might appear. It eats my bobby pins and spits them back out at random moments.' haha :)


    lol so true.



    Bahahaha! My mother-in-law freaked out about how much hair she was loosing in the shower from her chemo. I showed her how much people with CURLY hair loose EVERY DAY washing it. (We don't shed as much as others, UNTIL we wash it, because instead of falling OFF of us, it gets tangled back in with the rest of it.) Instead of being relieved, she couldn't believe *I* wasn't bald yet. : { True story. : { true

    LOL! So true....

    Curly hair problem: "Explaining that your showers take so long because you have to wash your hair. Yes it's that thick.". Haha, so true.

    curly hair problem ;p

    not any more- I'm a WEN girl now perfect hair all the time:)

    Time consuming!

    So true.