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Used a flip flop to kill a spider and a bunch of BABY SPIDERS came crawling out all over the place. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

Yup this is me.I got a FedEx delivery dude to kill a spider for me cuz I'm like not taking the risk of it coming at me.soooo not cool when spiders come at u.

Well said.

Making This eCard Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

My Life is just a bunch of "It seemed like a good idea at the time" strung together-Humor Train

Kinect was made for such us her :)))))

how girls play video games. so true! This is me playing mario kart on the wii

not true. just pinned it cause that zombie is from the walking dead aka my favorite show ever.

I don't wear makeup :D yay! THEY CAKE ON MAKEUP! Girls are weird with makeup. They look like the bottom picture with makeup.

Photo: Italian Girls Rule!!!

Lol no I'm not conceited my sister sent me this! We are very proud Italians :) thought this was great for all my fellow Italia girls out there!


I spend the day wishing I had a boyfriend or scrolling through pictures of girls I kinda know who are skinnier than -